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Luis Rogelio Velasco

Hello, we are Alejandra and Rogelio, we are the happy companions of some Chow Chow.

We live in Xochimilco, México, in this page we introduced you, our three wonderful chow chow.

You will be able to find all the information of our beautiful Chow Chow, in addition to the history of the breed, the standard and many other interesting things.

You will be able to join us in the exhibitions which we attended and to know our friends and pleasures. Of course, if you have some doubt, or suggestion, we are pleased to answer all of it.

Poockie & Nermall    Arlenne

The Chow Chow is a breed that we love by its multiple qualities:

  • Huggable.
  • It seems a Teddy Bear when is puppy and a Lion when it grows.
  • Being 100% faithful.
  • He is an excellent guardian.
  • Being very clean.
  • Not everybody has one.

Paseando...    En familia...

The love for Chow Chow was infected to me by Rogelio, because he loves this breed, and wants to have one, we were investigating where to buy a puppy and thus we arrived at the kennel from Ana Ma. Hoyo.

At that time, September of 1998 Ana Maria had a litter of five puppies, of which just 2 of them were male, the decision of which of them choose was very difficult and "Poockie" help us to took it, since that moment he followed us and moved his tail with joy, is possible to be said that he chose us. Since then Poockie became part of our lives.

Little by little we were involving in the world of dogs until the moment arrived at which Poockie made its debut in exhibitions with good results. We knew Mauricio Silva who has been since then the handler of Poockie.


A time ago we began to look a companion for Poockie, we spend two long years until we found in the kennel Mons Michel of Yasmín and Salvador Monroy the perfect companion, therefore in October 17, 2003 we took an auto trip from Mexico city to Guadalajara and return accompanied of Nermall.

In the beginnings of year 2004 we made the decision to increase our family, after an intense search we found Arlenne, in the Spanish kennel "Los perros de Bigo", where Nuria and Raquel Vigo offered us an incredible aid for her selection and transfer to our City.

Since the year 2004, we have been more involved whit this breed, always looking to promote and improve it, we start the breeding with a very careful selection, thats why we only have 1 or 2 litters each year.

Thanks to give us the opportunity to introduce you our friends and mainly the Chow Chow.