Vega Étoile Chows

Con mis hermanas

Hello I am Arlenne, I am a precious Spanish who was born the 30 of April of 2004, in the kennel "Los Perros de Bigo" in Barcelona, my father is Multi Champion and BIS Demian de los Perros de Bigo and my mother is Uma de los Perros de Bigo.

I have 2 sisters, Betty and Charm Imperial, Betty is with my first family in Spain and Charm lives in France.

From the day in which I was born Ale and Rogelio were very pending of me thanks to my mother, Nuria Vigo, who maintained them always very informed of my birth and development. Nuria was very important to choose me to travel to the Mexico city, since when I had 3 months I had a long travel in airplane from Barcelona to my new home, it was a very heavy trip of 12 hours, in addition to my arrival I had to pass 4 hours more in a called place customs.

It was in the customs where I knew my new parents, I was in a transporting box and was already desperate to leave and with much thirst, so when my mother arrive and open the door I was very happy, she gave me water and feed me.

A little later I could leave the customs and I knew my father Rogelio, after that they took me to my new home where Nermall and Poockie waited for me very anxious, from the first moment my two new friends took care much of me, together played and make pranks, even barked to any one that approaches our home.

My parents, Ale and Rogelio, are very moved with the exhibitions, reason why in "Circuito Internacional de Invierno 2004". I entered my first show in "A" puppy, always I have behaved very well in the tracks since as to my father Demian I love that people see me and he cheer me.

I am a very intelligent puppy coqueta and crossbeam, I love to be at the garden... run and play, also I like much to push my parents with much affection.