Vega Étoile Chows

Hello, I'm Ayla, I was born in México city on May 30, 2005, I am part of the first litter born at Vega Étoile, we were 3 beautiful chows on that litter and I'm the little one, my brother and sister did not let me eat, so, when they finished my parents let me eat a little bit more alone.

My name “Ayla” is from the central character of Ale´s favorite book, “Los Hijos de la Tierra”. Ayla does great everithing, that's why I'm fell very lucky about my name.

When we were babys our aun Arlenne take care of us like oue mother, we used to play with her and she always play and run in the garden.

When I'm two months old my parents put me "something" on my neck, now I know that thing it's a collar and that they want me to walk with that, but I did not do it, that thing botters me a lot, they were trying and trying but I did not walk at all, so they sent me with Mauri Silva for about 15 days, he must teach me to walk with a collar. After 15 days out of home finally I could see my parents, Mauri put me my collar and I walk to them, Ale, my mother, seems very happy and I recive many kisses and hugs. That day I made my debut on the show rings on Puppy “A” class.

2007 is my year!!! I like to be on the show rings, I'm a very serious Chow on the ring, I like to move onthe ring, and be aware of my handler, I know what I have todo, and cause my parents are somewher around the ring or taking pictures or even close to me with one of my partners, I like to please them very very much.

I heve won 9 consecutives BOB, Ale, my mother, saids that it is very difficult for a female to beat the males in the rings, but I do it several times and I hope I can do it more in the future, caus I like to be at the front of all the Chows.

At least let me say that I won the "Américas and Caribbean Championship" title I have to thank God for this victory that was very hard bot make all of us at Vega Étoile Chows very proud and happy.

I hope to have you some more news soon, bye..