Vega Étoile Chows

Hello I am Nermall, I was born in Guadalajara City August 27, 2003, in Mons Michel kennel from Yazmín and Salvador Monroy, I was unique daughter, my parents are Mexican, Honduran, Latin American and International Champion Buffalo Bill and Mexican Champion Chagui.

One day Salvador took me outside my cage and give myself to the arms of one unknown lady although likeable, i like her a lot and i gave her many little kisses, she seems very happy with me, next to her was a gentleman who smiled very happy, the next day they raised me on an automovil and we began a long trip, that way I knew my new parents.

At the end of the trip which last several hours, we arrived at a house where a precious red Chow Chow wait for us and he wanted to play with me, it seems that he was astonished, he accepted me immediately smelling me, although my parents never left us alone. We are very good friends, like to play much together, although sometimes we do in a very hard way and we finished very dirty, Poockie takes care of me and he treats me very well, although he is much more strong than I.

Ah! My daddy thinks that i have to go into exhibitions from very very small reason why my mommy and I began to receive classes of Mauricio Silva since I was 2 months and a half, thus, on December 6 I made my debut in the tracks, the first day as my mother I went very nervous, when the judge wanted to check me, i move much and does not leave reviewed me well, but the following day, being both calmer our performance was far better, since i let check me and get a pretty pose. From that moment i began to enjoy attending those events.

I am a very intelligent small dog, joyful, playful and teasing, i love to be near my parents and mainly near Poockie.

In the past show organized by the Union Canófila Mexico-Japones I finished my Mexican Championship, the Silva family had much to do with this great profit.

Last May 30 i became mother of 3 beautiful puppies, 2 females and 1 male, my father, Rogelio, says that they are going to have the same color of Poockie, I am very happy!.