Vega Étoile Chows

Hello I am Poockie, I was born in Mexico City on September 22, 1998, in Ana Ma. Hoyo's kennel Amhor, i have 4 brothers, 1 male and 3 females, all we are precious, my parents are Mexican, Latin American and International Champion Fan C. Ruffles and Alfie Wizard.

I remember when we were small and we played, it was very amused, a very happy time of my life.

The day in which I knew my other parents (Ale and Rogelio) and i like them very much, i approache them moving my tail pleasant of knowing them.

A month after meeting them they took me with them, to the house of my mami, in his bedroom, i remember that she wanted me to stay in his bed but I did not want, i cried a little because I missed my mother Alfie and my little brothers, but I am very brave and my new parents treated me very well, soon I start to enjoy being with them.

I have always been very happy, i love my parents, although some times I am a little robust when I want to play with them.

I define as proud, faithful, tender, sociable but mainly beautiful dog.

I like to go out and take a walk, love to get into the car, play with other friends, but mainly I enjoy the attentions of my parents.

Speaking of food i love chicken; sausages, liver or jam when affluent work as prizes.

I enjoy the baths enormously, when mommy and daddy wash my hair with care, they dry me and brush me, although it is a very long treatment, often up to 3 hours. After the bath I feel so relaxed that I sleep so much, do not tell anybody but I believe that even snore.

Speaking of exhibitions one day Rogelio (my daddy) get an idea for me to compete, was the year 2001 when he had the huge idea to take me to the Federación Canófila Mexicana. I was 3 years old and never had competed nor trained, my parents were inexperienced. The first day of competition my daddy was very nervous and he transmitted his nervousness to me, so in the track does not let to check me the teeth, nevertheless, the second day of competition we were calm and let the judge to check me everything, always I was moving my tail to show my joy, this time besides to qualified me with "Excellent" we were fighting very hard the best of breed.

The following year, 2002, I returned to the tracks but now Mauricio Silva was my handler, the history change since with a little training in the 4 days of "Circuito Internacional De Invierno 2002" I obtained my Mexican Championship, in addition to that on November 30 I won 1st place of group V, my parents were very proud of my and very happy, in addition to all previous things I knew one my fiancèes.

I like to go to the exhibitions although I do not like to be kept me in a cage while my turn to enter track comes, i like to be free like air.

A day in my life begins very early when I see my parents and I accompany them to the door since they are going away to work, I remain to take care of the house and to amuse to me in all the garden, play a little with my toys, persecute the birds who try to touch down on it, in the evening when my parents arrive I take a walk on the street with them, play with my friend Nermal, some timmes we simulated a fight, this put our parents very nervous, although I never damage Nermall, later my daddy brush me awhile and mommy does affections to me, give me an appetizing plate of chicken to eat...

To say goodbye I wanted to request that if you have a dog of any breed (although we Chow Chow are the best ones), treat them very well, give them much affection and never mistreat, love them because they will love you and they will be always faithful.

Sincerely, your friend Poockie.